The Story of Micaro

Good-humoured, heartfelt, genuine, boldly creative, and a little bit crazy. That's what good candy does to you.
That's Ville, and that's Micaro.

Ville Vahersalo already had sweet tooth as a child. Candy, soda, cakes, anything with sugar in it was wonderful. At the age of 12, Ville was inspired to develop his own flavoured fudge recipes, because he couldn’t find a wide enough selection in the shops. He became interested in physics and chemistry: how sugar behaves at different temperatures, what the different E-codes are, why they are used in candy. Toffees were followed by lollies, marmalade, wine gums, hard candies, marshmallows – his interest just kept growing.

At 15, it was already clear to Ville that he wanted to run a candy business when he grew up. While studying food, he continued his creative work on candy recipes. After graduating, he worked in the food industry for several years before starting his own business.

The Micaro candy factory was born in 2018. In his own company, Ville can put his creativity into practice. The range includes dozens of artisan sweets: hard fruit and salmiak candies, marmalades, fudges, and dessert sauces. All products are made with recipes developed by him. Most of the products are gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan.

The values of sustainable development guide everything we do. The candies are handmade from natural and pure ingredients and packaged by hand. Packaging and production methods are as ecological as possible. Procurement supports Finnish work.